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Core Competencies

COLSA Global Arabia

An International Family of Professionals

After serving more than 30 years in the U.S. Army, Francisco J. Collazo, a native of Puerto Rico, founded COLSA Corporation in 1980 ? beginning literally in his garage in Huntsville, Alabama. Mr. Collazo envisioned a distinctive kind of engineering and support services company. His vision was to build COLSA with a reputation of excellence and quality work, to deliver unsurpassed customer support, and to create a work environment that would attract and retain the best talent. Mr. Collazo?s vision was soon realized with COLSA establishing a reputation as a first-rate provider of engineering and support services while employing a staff of respected experts. Because we have remained steadfast in our commitment to Mr. Collazo?s vision ? to serve our customers with dedication and excellence ? COLSA has grown from a 20-person operation in 1983, when the Government awarded COLSA its first prime contract, to more than 850 employees in 2012.

  • Excellent Track Record
  • Contractor of the year (1988)
  • Showcase Award
  • Engineering Hall of Fame
  • Alabama Hall of Fame
  • Marketplace Ethics
  • Ranked #2 in Top 50 High Tech
  • Certified ISO 9001:2000
  • SEI Level II
  • ITIL Compliant
  • Cogswell Security Award
  • Nationally Respected

Core Competencies

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What we do

Our services

Data Centers

Complete data center design, from gathering requirements to physical design...

Data Centers

COLSA?s Capabilities: COLSA provides design and support services to some of the most demanding customers in the world. This includes Operating and Maintaining the US Missile Defense Agencies largest Data Center, the Defense Intelligence Agency?s Missile and Space Intelligence Center (MSIC) HPC Center and the design and installation of NASA?s International Space Station Payload Control Center in Huntsville Alabama COLSA Data Center Services: Configuration and Data Management: COLSA maintains ISO-9001 Certified Requirements Traceability for all customers? data centers, ensures Baseline and Change Control, captures systems and data metric, and accomplishes Configuration Management Audits. This tracking and oversight of all relevant measures ensures documentation control and:

  • Tracking and Oversight
  • Documentation Control
  • ITIL Certified from Foundation to Expert
  • Computer WAN / LAN Networks
  • Visualization Centers
  • Help Desk Operations
  • Information Assurance
  • Database Administration
  • Configuration Management
  • High Performance Computer Center Management
  • Cluster Computer Development and Operations
  • Real-Time Property and Asset Management

COLSA?s Design Approach: COLSA?s approach is anchored in a Process to Meet Customer Requirements and exceed their expectations. The foundation of our approach starts with firm understanding of the most recent technology in all area related to Data Centers. The processes begins with a complete analysis step including Computer Architecture Analysis, Vendor Analysis, Supercomputer potential, and performance evaluations associated with the customers? specific code. The potential design solutions are then examined in light of a cost benefit analysis. Once a recommended design is approved by the customer, COLSA continues the implementation process. This includes acquisition planning, procurement of components, installation and systems integration. Inherent in the system design is also the disaster recovery and data back-up assets and processes based on the level of continuation of operations (COOP) required by the customer. Lastly COLSA can provide a complete set of support services to ensure Operations and Maintenance are seamlessly done.

COLSA?s Maintenance and Support: Second to none. COLSA exceeds expectations and assists customers with Data Center O&M, Upgrades, and Infrastructure transitions. COLSA has superior expertise and certified professional to address any computing environment, big or small, multiple operating systems or a single one. COLSA?s strength come from:

  • More than 10 Different Operating Systems
  • Providing 24/7 Support with Remote Access for Express Repair / Update Service
  • Certified Support Staff
  • Supports Computer Environments
  • Instant Access to Highest Levels of Tier 1 Vendor Support
  • Remotely Monitor Systems to Identify and Predict Problems
  • Automated Software Updates to Provide Latest System Mods / Enhancements
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Command and Control Integration

We can work with you to command and control (C2) centers for distributed teams and operations...

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I)

COLSA?s Capabilities: Many modern military C4I systems are built with an eye toward a family of planned weapon system purchases. These families of system have plan compatibility in their system requirements and specifications. In regions where weapon systems are procured from a wide variety of nation states, C4I integration can be a significant challenge. COLSA has world class capabilities related to design, implementation, installation, training, sustainment of Military class and industry class C4I Systems. COLSA capabilities include design of interface units and data link translators.

COLSA?s C4I History in the Kingdom: COLSA?s Expertise in the integration of Command and Control systems spans decades in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 1989 COLSA International was formed specifically to provide technical support services to the Royal Saudi Ari Defense Forces (RSADF) C3 System. All through 1999, COLSA provided Engineering Support, upgrades, Spare parts, Repair and Return of Parts, training, comprehensive C3 Modernization Study, and manning.

COLSA was awarded a contract to upgrade RSADF C3 System to integrate Patriot and Hawk Phase 3 air defense missiles and modernize parts of the system. Project included building new data link translators and supply of Software Support Facility. COLSA successful work provided modern C4I capabilities for the RSADF to exercise control over wide variety of weapons systems (Ground to Air Missiles Systems, Anti-Aircraft Guns, and Manpads) located at distant locations across the Kingdom from a central Command and control facilities. The effort also included installation and training across the Kingdom.

COLSA's Offerings:

  • Integrated battle command, fire control, and integration of highly complex systems
  • Net-centric, Modular Open System Approach to integrate current and future systems
  • Many years of in Kingdom experience
  • Advanced capabilities for force planning and engagement operations
  • Lowest lifecycle cost and future growth
  • Integrated Capabilities with multilayer communication networks
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Cyber Defense

Our defense methodology is comprised of the following pillars: Protection, Detection, Containment, Response and Recovery...

Cyber Defense

COLSA?s Capabilities: COLSA has a long history of Computer Network Defense and Information Assurance. However, most organizations now recognize the need for dedicated active Cyber Defense services. COLSA Global and Microsoft partnered to offer a uniquely capable Cyber Defense Service comprising trained analyst teams and tools to protect Operational and Non-Operational networks. Our proprietary software appliance and analysis teams are set up locally to provide continuous 24/7 support against cyber-attacks. This team can scrutinize network information captured by our software, analyze it, and provide recommendations for corrective and mitigating actions:

  • Tier 1: On-site - first line of defense; initial support level for basic issues; elevate complex or threat events
  • Tier 2: On-site ? investigate and characterize events; confirm validity of problem; seek solutions; includes initial forensics; elevate highly complex/high threat events; provide recommendations
  • Tier 3: Reach back to Microsoft for deep analytics and comprehensive forensics

Success of this approach: In a recent United States Military Cyber Defense Pilot program with 8500 endpoints within a Fully DISA Compliant network. The team was able to detect evidence of a compromised host (found with Malware); the advanced software analytics also detected attempts to exploit the system by the use of rogue anti-virus malware code in the memory dump. Although the system was ?up-to-date? our software detected missing security patches, older versions of software, missing service packs that had not been fully or properly installed. This service resulted in no additional burden to the network, workstations, or users.

Bottom Line: Our Proprietary Software Successfully Identified Malware and Multiple System Configuration Issues on a Clean and Tight Network that Were Not Visible with existing Anti-Virus and Analysis Services

The 5 Pillars of Network are Protect, Detect, Contain, Response and Recover. The Cyber Defense Team with proprietary software appliance appliance provides the earliest possible detection of system attacks and allows for early containment of attacks, reducing the overall impact and in some cases can avoid any organizational impacts.

The Process is two-fold: First collect and analyze error message traffic. Our proprietary software appliance collects error reports that are automatically generated from Windows XP Operating Systems (OS) (and all follow-on OSs). Our unique partnership employs +1200 security heuristics and signatures to determine if the systems behavior is nominal. The second step is for our Cyber team to investigate and respond. The team investigates the anomalous behavior and responses are applied to block the source of attacks, mitigate vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and provide forensic insight.

Final Word: The process is unique due to the billions of computers worldwide and 100s of billions of error messages that are and were used for heuristics development and continuous innovation. With the expertise of our local and reach-back team, where others detect known attack vectors, known viruses, and known malware, our team can detect and investigate first time use of new types of attacks and attack vectors in real time.

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Geospatial Information Systems

Our GIS allow users to capture, view, analyze and act on upon all kinds of geographic data...

Geospatial Information Systems

Geospatial Systems: The core of any large geospatial enterprise starts with the basic components of a Geographic Information System (GIS). Of these main GIS components, hard-ware and integration of existing legacy systems are a primary concern. Furthermore, the ability to support large-scale data acquisition and analyses in a secure environment, along with data quality assurance and control, is crucial. COLSA Corporation is a technology services and solutions company with significant experience providing engineering, information technology and programmatic solutions, as well as a world leader in data center development, maintenance and operations. Along with its strategic global partners, in areas like geospatial data, GIS software and database management, the company offers a complete, secure, end-to-end solution for any large-scale GIS endeavor, CONUS / OCONUS.

This is the Integrated Geospatial Data Center (IGDC) which provides a one-stop source for the design, development, implementation, and management of complete, end-to-end, scalable geospatial solutions ? whether for a corporate entity, federal agency, or foreign government.

Development and Support:

COLSA, along with its partners, offers the following for large-scale geospatial development and support:

  • Complete development lifecycle for large-scale geospatial initiatives
  • Design, build and deploy
  • Large-scale geospatial data acquisition
  • All hardware/acquisition, implementation and configuration
  • Full cyber and information assurance
  • Full support for all international locations

COLSA: Secure, Experienced Partner

COLSA provides complete management for the entire implementation of IGDC, which includes contract management and program management, and works hand in hand with our strategic partners for com-plate and comprehensive services through the entire lifecycle of IGDC implementations. COLSA?s primary expertise follows the line of complete integration, as well as data center design, build, construction, installation and mission critical facility consulting. The IGDC services continue after installation. A staff of data center engineers, designers and network specialists are available to work with clients through the entire process ? from the initial contact to ?go live? deployment.

Through a careful data center assessment, COLSA IGDC can determine the optimum mission critical facility design and build it to meet the customer?s individual needs. After a client?s fully designed and built data center is deployed, IGDC facilities are designed to provide years of uninterrupted operations for the applications that its customers deem mission critical. Once a data center is launched, IGDC COLSA provides preventive maintenance through a long-term service agreement in order to provide the sup-port needed to ensure a fully operational facility at all times. As the architect of each client?s geo-spatial data center, COLSA IGDC has a precise and thorough understanding of each client?s needs.

Most importantly, IGDC assumes responsibility for the day-to-day integrity of its client?s data center, providing secure and comprehensive support 24x7. In addition, the IGDC concept provides comprehensive reporting and record-keeping, the ability to address a client?s data center design questions or concerns, and ongoing service and maintenance of every client?s geospatial solutions. Furthermore, IDGC focuses on an efficient and ?green? data center.

COLSA Corporation and its strategic partners look forward to helping you with your GIS initiatives and would welcome any discussion to support your requirements.

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Network Support

We specialize in maintaining data centers which integrate critical infrastructure technologies...

Network Support

Network Operations Centers (NOCs):The purpose of the NOC is to ensure mission assurance for data center, operations center, network or any enterprise that functions with extensive computer assets. The NOC provide monitoring and management of the entire network including systems, network components, security, and facilities.

  • Network management insures peak function of all components
  • Systems includes application software, hardware, and data services
  • Security covers data, equipment and applications
  • Facility includes maintaining an optimum environmental conditions for data processing equipment and physical protection of equipment

NOCs are composed of five main components:

  • A set of applications for Network management, Configuration management, and Authentication and Authorization
  • Computing systems (servers, routers, switches, workstations)
  • Display technology (monitors, clocks, news feeds, alerts)
  • Skilled technicians and engineers
  • Processes
    • Emergency procedures
    • Data backup routines
    • Power outage procedures

COLSA?s Highlights: Previous Accomplishments in the Missile Defense Agency Advanced Research Center (ARC):

  • Designed and Implemented a complete NOSC
  • Secure Network Architecture Supporting Multiple MDA Test Beds and Test Execution Centers
  • Complete Suite of Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) Supporting All ARC Operating Environments
  • Successful Migration to DoD DIACAP Accreditation
  • Constant Network Design Updates in Response to Customer Requirements
  • Data Assurance Center and Automated Data Archive

COLSA?s Highlights: Previous Accomplishments in the National Aeronautic and Space Administration Huntsville Operations Support Center (HOSC):

  • Designed and Integrated Core Network Upgrade to Cisco 6513 Platforms
  • Developed Automated Scripts to Monitor Disruptions More Cost-effectively Than COTS SW
  • Implemented SW to Configure Changes on Network Devices
  • Supports Johnson Space Centers Backup Control Center

COLSA?s Highlights: Previous Accomplishments in the Defense intelligence agency missile and space Intelligence center (MISC):

  • Real Time Network Monitoring and Management
  • $1.3M Annual Engineering Change Proposal
  • Designed, Configured, Installed, and Implemented
  • All Nodes and Peripherals
  • Compliant with Security and Configuration Mandates
  • Upgraded HPCS Network to 10GbE, Requiring Significant Reconfiguration and Improvements
  • Multiple Virtual Server Environment
  • Multiple OS Diskless Bootable Servers
  • Remote Monitoring with Environmental Sensors and Cameras

COLSA?s Highlights: Previous Accomplishments in the U.S. Army Aviation & Missile Research Development & Engineering Center Hypersonic Missile Technology Research & Operations Center (HMT):

  • Nationally Recognized Expertise in Technical Research and Analysis for Leading Edge Computational and Network Management
  • Senior Level Software Engineering for Algorithm and Custom Software Development
  • Efficient Techniques for Data Storage and Retrieval
  • Experience with Environmental Research to Minimize Facility Operational Costs
  • Remote Facility Monitoring And Maintenance
  • Visible Enterprise Manager (VEM): Custom Software Developed to Efficiently Monitor Computer Facility?s Environment and Security Parameters
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Software Engineering

We work closely with our customers to develop custom software solutions for clients all over the world...

Software Engineering

COLSA?s Capabilities: COLSA offers a world class capability in solving customers? unique software challenges. COLSA has delivered software solutions across the highly challenging US Department of Defense sector as well as the US Space Sectors for ground control and integration. In the world of COTS products COLSA excels at providing software to solve the most difficult customer challenges, solving problems and providing needed capabilities.

COLSA offers the following software development and engineering services:

  • Software code profiling and optimization (C/C++, FORTRAN)
  • Comprehensive IV&V Program
  • Software Prototyping
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Code Parallelization
  • Multi-platform Support
  • Multi-OS Support
  • GUI Design and Development
  • Device Driver Development
  • Protocol Translation
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Software Testing
  • Algorithm Development
    • Genetic Algorithm Programming
    • Network Programming
    • Benchmarking
    • HTML Development
    • Custom HPC Cluster Utilities
    • Data Visualization
    • HLA Compliance
    • Operational at the CMMI Level 3
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A History of Achievement

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